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The beautiful Himalayan 100% yaks wool Yoga shawls are perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable. These shawls are made from natural finest, softest and lightest fiber that is taken from under coat of yaks, and also it is very rare and precious wool that taken from the special fur of the Tibetan yaks which only found in our Himalayan side and northern Tibet. The yaks are one of the larger members of the bovine family. They live only in the high altitudes of our Mount Everest Himalayan side and the northern Tibet. The yak wool shawls are extremely fine and is comparable in micron thickness (and texture) to Merino wool, angora (rabbit) and cashmere (the down of the mountain goat). These beautiful shawls are extremely light yet incredibly warm. And it is extremely soft, versatile and luxurious feel. And Himalayan clothing is a leading in finest quality manufacture 100% yak wool products.

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