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. 100% Natural Wool Fabric stitched by talented artisans in Himalaya Range of      Nepal. Support underprivileged Nepalese communities with your purchase.

. Double Hand knitted with the highest quality 100% Wool with Fleece Lining, it is very comfortable and its one size fits for. Finger holes are not lined. Dimensions: 9”-Inch-Long x 5”-inch-Wide / 22.86 CM Long x 12.7 CM Wide

. Perfect for everyday used Running, Hiking, Traveling, Festival, Yoga, Typing & Driving – Gray.

. Hand Made in The Himalayas from 100% finest quality of New Zealand wool. Fair Trade Made. Imported from Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

Woolen hand warmers are made by 100% finest quality of New Zealand wool and inside Fleece lined with the softest and thickest polar fleece which gives you cozy feel. They are hand knitted and beautifully crafted by our experienced woman in Nepal with unique design. This stylish arm warmer will surely keep you warm. These woolen hand warmers are itch – free.

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