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About Us

A store for people who want to buy less, but better.

At Himalaya Handmade LLC, we have over 20 years developing our exclusive designs, carvings, and fabrications – both for wholesale and retail purposes. Since 2001, we have been supplying our soft and warm clothing and beautiful handicrafts to satisfied customers all over the world.

Our handmade products are sourced in Nepal, using only the finest high-quality materials, and our offerings are expertly produced by some of the most talented artisans in the world. At Himalaya Clothing, we produce eco-friendly casual wear. Our pure 100% New Zealand wool is also 100% hygienic and safe for your skin. All our products are colorfast and ozone-friendly. Our jackets are knitted in double-ply which makes them lighter and more comfortable to wear. This method of knitting is more difficult than a single-ply jacket. Some of our designs take over a week for a single knitter to complete. We also specialize in custom-fabricated items such as singing bowls, jewelry, prayer beads, and other products used in Buddhist rituals.

Our Ethics:
We believe in Fair Trade values in practice and not on paper. Although we are not certified as a Fair Trade company, we firmly believe in fair trade ethics in every aspect of our business. We pay our stitchers and carvers a ‘piece rate’ that is twice the conventional rate. 


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