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CC - 437 BLGR

Price: $ 59.99

These unique Hippie Solid Color Plain Flower of Life Embroidered Pants are crafted from the finest 100% Natural Handwoven Cotton by some of the most skilled artisans. Elevate your style instantly with these extraordinary and highly fashionable Solid Color Pants that are suitable for almost any occasion, ensuring you look your best every single time.

These vintage trendy trousers add a spark of uniqueness to your wardrobe and are designed to be worn by everyone, available in three different sizes: Small/Medium, Large/Extra Large, and XXL. As previously mentioned, only the finest materials have been used in crafting these trousers, featuring a range of unique attributes, including adjustability and a variety of pockets, all equipped with safety features such as zippers and buttons to provide the utmost comfort and security.

These pants come with an adjustable waist that can be easily tailored to your needs, depending on the size you are wearing. Each side boasts three pockets, featuring a larger pocket with a secure zipper to keep your items and valuables safe, as well as a smaller buttoned pocket for added convenience, in addition to smaller pockets in the hips. There is also a zippered pocket on the left hand side. Additionally, the elasticated ankles provide a comfortable fit.




Length: Approx. 38"                      

Inseam: Approx. 28"                 

Waist: Approx. 24" to 40"        

Hip: Approx. 42"                     



Length: Approx. 41" 

Inseam: Approx. 29"  

Waist: Approx. 28" to 48"

Hip: Approx. 44"  



Length: Approx. 41

Inseam: Approx. 29 inches.

Waist: Fits up to Approx. 58

Hip: Fits up to Approx. 58” inches


Cuff: 9" (Completely Stretched 17") 


Elevate your style for any occasion and always look your best in these versatile pants. Explore our wide range of fashion items in our storefront to complete your outfit.

Handmade in the Himalayas, these pants are crafted from authentic 100% pure handwoven cotton, ensuring a genuine and sustainable product. We are committed to fair trade practices throughout the manufacturing and sale of this item, which is imported from Nepal.

Himalaya Handmade LLC is renowned for creating contemporary clothing that beautifully encapsulates Nepalese traditions and art, while incorporating Western influences and trends. Our products come in a diverse array of designs and colors. They feature multicolored Aztec patterns and are made from eco-friendly, natural handwoven cotton fabric, lovingly handcrafted in Nepal.

Every clothing item is meticulously handmade, reflecting the care and consideration put into their creation, resulting in unmatched quality. Because our products are handmade, the patchwork colors and patterns on each pair of trousers may vary, making each one unique. The provided image serves as a general representation of the product's appearance.

Please note: This product is the exclusive creation of Himalaya Handmade LLC, and we hold all rights reserved, including copyright licensing. Unauthorized reproduction of this merchandise and its designs for any purpose may infringe upon copyright laws and carry legal consequences.

Washing instructions:

1) Spot Wash using a bleach-free, environmentally friendly soap or detergent.

2) Hand-wash in a bucket using a bleach-free, environmentally friendly soap or detergent 

3) Machine Wash on a "Delicate" cycle using a bleach-free, environmentally friendly soap or detergent. 

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