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HCPPO - 13

Price: $ 54.99

100% Natural Handwoven Cotton Fabric stitched by talented artisans in Himalaya range of Nepal. Support underprivileged Nepalese communities with your purchase. Hand Was separately in cold water or dry clean only.

What makes the multi-patched Tie Dye overall special is that it is handmade in Nepal and made to fit people of all sizes. With that being said not only is it a very trendy piece but it is also made to spark up your closet. This comfortable to wear item comes in 3 sizes: S/M, L/XL & XXL and can be worn by people of all gender and identification.

S/M size - waist up to 38", length 56" - 58" (approx. fit 8/10/12)

L/XL size - waist up to 42", length 58" - 60" (approx. fit 14/16/18)

XXL size - waist up to 44", length 58" - 60" (approx. fit 18/20/22)

Due to the nature of patchwork each pair is completely individual and unique.

Due to being handmade the best of the material has been used. This includes soft and durable 100% cotton fabric. Not only is it very comfortable for everyday wear but it can also be worn during yoga sessions, and many forms of meditation. But the comfort doesn’t end there, this trendy piece is so lightweight to the point where you won’t even feel any weight.

Simply wear it for any occasion and look your best! To better your outfit, style yourself with our cotton passport bag or hemp bags.

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