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Cashmere Poncho

Pashmina is known as wool (Cashmere) but it grows on the underside of the Mountain Goats. In Nepal Mountain Goats are known as Chyangra. Chyangra’s are the inhabitant of the great Himalayan mountain range including Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna. The pashmina products are made from the finest, softest and lightest high quality wool from the mountain Goats. The natural qualities of the cashmere pashmina provide warmth, softness and durability while also adding elegance and beauty. In pashmina we have blanket, scarf, poncho and sweater. A luxurious pashmina product is the perfect fashion accessories for any season, event or occasion since! You will feel as great as you look since pashmina wool is the finest Cashmere. If you want stylish comfort at home, a cashmere pashmina blanket is a lovely addition to any room. Nothing is softer, warmer or more luxurious than a cashmere blanket. These product can be use all year and for any occasion. Himalaya Clothing always insuring that to deliver the best quality and services to the customer.


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